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CMMC for Business Professionals

Training Course

CMMC for Business Professionals Training Course

Title: CMMC for Business Professionals

  • Modalities: Virtual | Classroom | Hybrid

  • Duration: 1 day



This course is designed to introduces non-technical business unit managers and those in industry-facing roles with a foundational introduction to the Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program. 


Who Should Attend

  • Line of Business Leadership

  • Non-Technical Managers

  • Industry Members (e.g., Manufacturing Extension Program, State-Federal Liaisons)


Course Agenda

  • Day 1 (AM):

    • Introductions

    • Lesson 1: Identifying What’s at Stake

      • Topic A: Identify Threats and Regulatory Responses

      • Topic B: Identify Sensitive Information

    • Lesson 2: Describing the CMMC

      • Topic A: Describe the CMMC Model Architecture

      • Topic B: Define the CMMC Program

  • Day 1 (PM):

    • Lesson 3: Getting Ready for a CMMC Assessment

      • Topic A: Scope Your Environment

      • Topic B: Analyze the CMMC Assessment Guides

      • Topic C: Foster a Mature Cybersecurity Culture

      • Topic D: Identify Helpful Documents

      • Topic E: Evaluate Your Readiness

    • Lesson 4: Interacting with the CMMC Ecosystem

      • Topic A: Identify the CMMC Ecosystem

      • Topic B: Describe a CMMC Assessment

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