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The CMMC Training Academy’s CCA Practice Exam: Short is available to anyone and you don’t need to have attended training to use it. The CCA Practice Exam is FREE to our CCA students. Others may purchase the CCA Practice ExamAccess includes BOTH the Full (4 hours/150 questions) and the Short (50 minutes/50 questions) versions.

READ ME: After you take the practice exam, you will receive feedback that highlights the % of correct answers per each CCA exam blueprint domain. For the CCA practice exam, we have chosen to include the incorrect answers in your feedback but not the correct ones.

Read the CCA Exam Blueprint.

We advise students that if they can perform 80% or better on our exam then they will likely be successful on the official CMMC CCA exam. But, the CCA exam is a challenging exam due to the high number of situational questions, which are impossible to replicate.


Please review the information at the following Cyber AB link for information regarding the CCP Exam process:

Where to take the CCA exam? View the Meazure Learning Test Sites list. Meazure/Scantron system requirements (for remote testing)

By using our CCP Practice Exam you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You will not copy, print, reproduce, or replicate, in whole or in part, the material presented in any manner

  • You will not share your Access Code with any entity (e.g., person, organization, system, etc.)

  • You will not use the system in a shared manner (e.g., Teams or Zoom sessions) where anyone other than yourself is able to access the information in any manner (e.g., see, hear, copy, record, etc.)

  • Any suspicious behavior or violations will result in immediate termination of your access without any means to contest or appeal the decision

  • Any violations could be reported to CAICO and the Cyber AB for possible violations of the CMMC Code of Professional Conduct

Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) Practice Exam: Short

50 Minutes/50 Questions

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